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All the shawls…

I love shawls. They’re so handy. When I had the room, I used to carry one folded up in my bag during the summer in case I ended up in a building with arctic AC. I might go back to doing that this summer…

My sweet boyfriend got me a book for my birthday called ‘Shawls For All‘. I’ve been wanting that book for a while. I managed to pick a shape (half circle) and decided to not have any lace pattern in the body of it because I just wanted something that I could pick up and put down without having to be a slave to a chart. I just have to remember 4 rows and only one has increases so I’m good to go.

Because this shawl is sort of a test knit for myself, I’m using yarn that I just want to use up (Shadow Lace Weight in Oregon Heather). It’s a brownish, pinkish complex kind of color that I had once loved but now, I’m trying to fall in love with it again. It looks much different when it’s knitted up than when it’s still in the ball or hank. One of the reasons why I’m using it is because I had the right amount (3 hanks) and it was literally right out in the open because I was gong to double strand that with Basalt Heather Shadow Lace Weight. And, if I like the results, I have some more colors that I have in the right amounts. I’d like to make a square or a circle but I don’t have enough of any one color outside of bare. I think I have 2 or 3 hanks of bare and each bare hank has 880 yards in it. Happily, I have at least 2 colors of Gloss lace weight that have 3 hanks or more.

I really need to finish this in a timely manner because the one I use daily is very well loved and might need to be replaced soon. It’s funny how a thin lace weight shawl can keep my back warm.

I overdyed the greenish blue Surefoot yarn so it’s more blueish green now. 0126192001a

It’s hard to photograph this color and get the true color of it. I had split one hank for socks but decided that the yarn is too soft and slippery for socks. I’ll keep them for either a cowl and fingerless mitts or a shawl…. can’t have too many of either shawls, cowls or fingerless mitts!

Another dyed hank. This one is Stroll fingering sock yarn.

After I overdyed the 2 Surefoot hanks, I dyed that hank of Stroll fingering. I was just trying to see if I could get close to a dusty rose color and I got fairly close to it. I’ve already got that hank split for socks and socks started for Joe’s Mom. As soon as she saw the color, she claimed them for her own and I couldn’t deny her LOL It’s weird because the color looks a lot brighter in the pic than it does in real life. It might have still been wet when I took that picture.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m tired. Time for bed and I still have to move some kitties so there’s room for me.

Thanks for reading!! Take care!


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